Lease a Home in the DFW Area



What will your next move be?

  • Is your apartment lease about to expire and you are tired of the noise? Feel like the walls are closing in? Ready for a place that feels more like your own?

  • Or is your present rental home not working for you and your are needing something different?

  • Just sold your home and not ready to buy again?

  • Relocating from out of town and not sure where to buy yet?

I love to help folks find homes to lease. As a Realtor, I can represent you when you lease a home. This service is free to you because landlords and property managers pay me a commission to assist  people like yourself through the whole process of leasing their homes.


I will save you time and gas searching the the internet and driving around to find homes. I will give you personalized service, pay attention to details and work hard to get you the best value for your housing needs. I will watch out for your best interests throughout the process.


My services include:

  • finding houses that meet your criteria and sending the listings to your by email 

  • setting up appointments for us to tour the ones you are interested in

  • assisting with the application process

  • negotiating for you and resolving any issues with the landlord or property manager

  • helping with the signing of the lease

I would love to be a valuable help to you as you pursue leasing the next place you call home. Please call me or email me. All I need is 4-5 minutes of your time to learn very specifically what you are looking for.  This will enable me to do searches that are unique to your needs.